COVID-19 Changes

We’re so excited to see you all again for all the eye care you’ve come to expect from us! We wanted to review the changes to our office schedule and routine so everyone is prepared ahead of time.

Our doors will remain locked during normal business hours and all visits for any reason will be by appointment only.

We will continue to do quick adjustments, repairs and glasses pick-up curbside by appointment only.

**The fastest way to get an appointment is to contact us by email at [email protected]**

You can also call 812-473-6080 to make an appointment for any reason but please be patient as we will have higher demand for phone time than normal.

When you arrive at our office for a scheduled appointment, please call 812-473-6080 so we can ask you a few questions before allowing you into the office. We’ll be taking your temperature using a forehead thermometer that will be cleaned after each patient. We will also require the use of hand sanitizer upon entering our office.

Our team members will be screened at the beginning and middle of the day for fever and any other common symptoms of COVID-19. Our team members will wear a mask at all times that covers both the mouth and nose. Some team members may use face shields at times as well.

All patients above age 2 are required to wear a mask that covers their nose and mouth at all times when in the office. The mask is to protect others who may be at higher risk from anyone who is not yet showing symptoms or who may have the virus but is asymptomatic. Given the long incubation period of the virus and the large number of asymptomatic carriers, it is important that a mask be worn to protect both other patients and team members in the office. We will ask you to reschedule your appointment if you do not have a mask.

In order to limit the number of people in the office at any one time, we ask that only the scheduled patient attend their appointment and that all others wait in your vehicle. If a patient needs a caregiver with them for their appointment, the caregiver will be subjected to the same new procedures as the patient. We’re happy to discuss the results of the exam by phone if that is the only portion of the visit where another person is required.

We’ll continue to clean the exam and other testing rooms immediately after each patient. All hard surfaces will be disinfected regularly on a strict schedule. All frames that are tried on will be set aside for cleaning before they will be put back in rotation.

We understand the inconvenience of some of these new procedures. Please be patient as we try to ensure the health and well being of our patients and team members. We strive to offer a safe, comfortable environment for you to obtain your eye care and eye wear. At this time, the safety of everyone is our top priority so our normal relaxed environment will feel a little different. We hope to still provide you with the same caring service you’ve always received.